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Giorgio Giacinto

Executive Chef

Giorgio Giacinto's passion for food started when most kids are still learning how to tie their shoes. Having been born and raised around the restaurant industry, by his 'fresh-off-the-boat' from Calabria, Italy parents, Giorgio knew early on that Calabrian cuisine was a big part of his DNA.

By the age of 12, Giorgio was already slaving away in the kitchen. He washed dishes, swept floors and learned how to debone a chicken from a chef who had one too many glasses of Montalcino. Over the next few years, he watched and learned while performing every restaurant duty you could possibly imagine.

By the time Giorgio graduated from the prestigious, The New York Restaurant School, in 1997, he had already spent nearly half-of-his life working in the restaurant business. During the next few years, he made his mark on kitchens all around Manhattan, until finally landing a job as Head Chef at the heralded restaurant, Mangia.

Looking for inspiration and with dreams of opening up his own restaurant one day, Giorgio made his way to Italy, where he learned from some of the world's greatest chefs. He worked his way up the ladder at such critically acclaimed restaurants as Le Arcate and Da Armando in Calabria. He also spent time in Milano, where he mastered the menu at Angelo di Casa. And the dishes he prepared, while working at the world-renown Lammbaciatta Di Abbruzze in Pariloi, Rome, are still 'buzzed' about today.

Giorgio took the passion for excellence and respect for ingredients that he learned while abroad and brought them back to the States with him. In 2007, in memory of his father, the man that first ignited his love for Calabrian cuisine, he opened, Da Giorgio Restaurant.

Giorgio's pursuit of the freshest ingredients available, which often finds him wandering the markets on Arthur's Avenue before sunrise, has helped him bring an authentic taste of Calabria right to Westchester. Menu specials, inspired by his daily treks to Vincent's, Bronx Seafood and Cosenza Fish are why the 'regulars' at Da Giorgio Restaurant can't get enough.



77 Quaker Ridge Road

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New Rochelle, NY


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